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The Nature of Perceptual Reality

on April 2, 2012

The Nature of Perceptual Reality

I will warn you in advance.  This Blog:  RealityShiftNow comes with a disclaimer.   Be prepared for the radical.  I, Arianna Black, do not do things by half-measures.

And here it is:  there is no such thing as ‘reality’, as we know it, and this is the subject of today’s post.

I kept reminding myself of this truth as the audacity of my task revealed itself to me.  I had just publically declared in front of 10 other people, in my writer’s circle, that I intended to completely transform my reality in the next day 30-days.  What in the world had I done?  Is it possible, I wondered? Could I really lead by example and demonstrate the impossible?  Can life really line up according to our intentions when we work with pure consciousness?

Of course, it can.

What does it take to change the world?   Answer:  An idea whose time has come.

An even better answer might be:  whose world?   Because our world, just like our reality, is perceptual.

But people still don’t get it.  We see the world through our filters; in other words, what we believe to be true, we make true.  It becomes true, whether we like it or not.   And here’s the tragedy of the human being:  We give away our power to outside influences, while at the same time being utterly unconscious of the deep programming that is running our life.   That is why we need to wake-up.  Shifting our Reality is really about becoming aware of this paradox and using the tools and techniques to deal with this issue.

There’s an old Zen proverb.  A young man asks the wise person what he thought of the people in the town, “are they friendly”, he asked?  The wise man replied:  “I dunno.  Were they friendly in the town you came from?”

And the young man replied:  “Yes

“Well”, said the wise man, “they are friendly here, too.”

Get it?  We are quantum attractors.  But this applies to what we truly believe; you might even say, we attract what we are on a cellular level.

I have spent my entire life living this truth – and so have you.  I have some great examples to share with you about these “attractor patterns”, and quite frankly, until I really got it, I have been surprised at what I have been attracting.  But now it all makes sense to me.  There is a WORLD OF DIFFERENCE between what I WANT in my life, and what I have literally accepted as REAL.  This subject will be a reoccurring theme throughout this blog as I explain this with real-life examples.

The world has not quite been ready for this information.   Even though we’ve  had television shows such as StarTrek, Quantum Leap, Dr. Who, that deal with the time space continuum, people on the planet don’t fully accept, even now, that we really can, quite literally, shift our reality and make the impossible possible.

That is why this 30-day blog challenge is such fun.  I have an opportunity to literally dissect, transform and re-create what I believe – no- what I have perceived to be true in every area of my life.

And yet, we create new possibilities, new choice points every day with every decision we make.  Often, these choices do not radically impact our lives, and yet sometimes they do.  A movie called Sliding Doors was a good example of choice points.  Miss a tube train, (yes, the movie is set in London), and your whole life changes.   And that is unconscious creation.

Shifting Reality…it’s easier than you think because it’s really not about the ‘thinking’.

Forget about the affirmations.  Just throw out of your mind EVERYTHING you have ever heard about affirmations.  Why?  Because you need to Fully Embody these phrases, in the same way that you ingest or digest Food.  You need to absorb the meaning of the affirmation:  feel it, sense it, taste it and touch it.  That means all of you! And in order to do this, you may also need to pluck out a false belief that is lurking within you.  That means truly jumping into the energy or the vibration of the NEW YOU.  Why?   If you don’t fully EMBODY the energy and the meaning of these affirmations, they just won’t work.


5 responses to “The Nature of Perceptual Reality

  1. I just heard about this concept about embodying not just thinking or saying the affirmations this past week! 😉

    I loved the movie Sliding Doors and always wonder – and curious to know if I will in the after-life – what my life would have been like, in particular if (1) I still lived in Europe where I was born and (2) if my twin lived.

  2. p.s. I know that doesn’t matter now, but I’m just curious as to how decisions influence and change our lives, including that of others as in the case of my parents when we moved to Canada.

  3. Davidya says:

    Love it. Thanks Arianna.

    Elly – it is interesting to consider what might have been, what another choice would have changed. But be careful what you give energy to. Some of the circumstances of our lives can be the playing out of unresolved “what ifs”. A good rule of thumb – what you put your attention on grows stronger.

    I learned this lesson when puzzling over why i kept finding myself working with the police. (long story) Gratitude to what is is the best thing we can give our attention to.

  4. curtbooz says:

    Hi Arianna, ….Great Stuff, not sure how I found you but I also just started posting on wordpress.
    I belong to an international community of reality shifters including several interactive groups
    ( Shift Mates, Elias Web, Elias Forum). We are all in various states of realization in the shifting proces and interact primarily through facebook as well as emails and blogs. If you’re not already aware of this comunity you might enjoy checking us out. I am looking forward to following your blog and further interaction

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