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Spiritual Cycles of Change

on April 17, 2012
galactic latte

galactic latte (Photo credit: *nacnud*)

I was thinking about the subject of cycles today.  As I am writing about shifting your reality in 30-days, this thought process lead me to looking for references online to moon cycles.  I eventually landed  on the following  excerpt, from the Galactic Free Press, which I would like to include here:

Part of this next phase is that natural cycles you’re already familiar with – like full moons and equinoxes – become more potent catalysts of change. They will have a greater influence because humanity has reached a tipping point – a time of no return – during which people must find new ways to live and relate to one another.

Things that worked before are no longer working. People on all continents are becoming aware of society’s dysfunctions and aware of humanity’s crisis. In tandem with this, the 2012 planetary alignments will help to trigger an avalanche of revolutionary change – in your external world and within you personally. You will want to be conscious and awake as you experience the changes – inviting your heart to guide you in knowing what to pay attention to and to know what is true.

The significance for me in this posting, is the line:  things that worked before are no longer working.

I wonder how many of us feel this way?

Even though yesterday’s blog looked at the possibility of what would life be without having to know our purpose, I wanted readers to consider the possibility that even on a spiritual path, we can still fall into the illusion of being controlled by mass consciousness.    Many high-profile writers such as David Icke write about these aspects of being controlled by the Illuminati.

However, if my purpose is helping people connect to their soul knowing, I am only asking that if you read something in my blog, which may be considered provocative or illuminating that you ask yourself questions such as:  Does this really work for me?   Beliefs and assumptions that I held onto my entire life, or even three months ago, are they still valid?  Is this true for me?  Does it fit who I am becoming?

I had an extraordinary insight myself this morning as I asked myself the question:  what next?  What is my truth?   And readers know that I have frequently mentioned my love for England.  And, if you have read my blog from the very beginning, you will also know that I experienced  soul fragmentation in February when I was last in the UK.  Do I need to attribute blame to anything or anyone?  No.  Has it changed my perception?  Yes.  In line with the quote above:  things that worked before are no longer working.

Do we need to know why they are no longer working?  Sometimes.  In my case, it was important to my soul evolution that I get to the core issue of living between two countries.  Travelling and moving can be absolutely wonderful for many people and it can be seen as an enviable lifestyle.  For others, it is hard work. But in my case, I was clinging onto the past, desperately, and I didn’t really know why.  Perhaps I was happier back then.  Knowing what you are doing in your life is easier than being in transition.   I listened to my guidance system, which brought me back to Canada.  I don’t know that I followed my heart as I probably left my heart in England, which has caused no end of problems for me, but nevertheless, the guidance within me, which increasingly  sounds like evolutionary guidance from my soul, prompted me to return to the land of my birth.  I made a free-will choice.   Sort of.

Here is an aside if anyone would like to comment:  is a choice truly free will if one has made a commitment to listening to that still, small voice within?  Surely, by the very act of listening, one transcends or overcomes the human will, so is it still free-will?  (Just thought I would put that out there knowing this is a big subject.)

Mustards in the spring in Napa Valley. Photo b...

Mustards in the spring in Napa Valley. Photo by Emily Bryden, 2005 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

My insight this morning had to do with the feeling of expansion.  I imagined what it might feel like living in a beautiful part of California, perhaps Napa Valley and then compared that with the dynamics of living in England.  Although I had always championed England and felt English born people were quite mad to immigrate to North America, I suddenly felt feelings of restriction and containment, quite the opposite of expansion.

I mulled this over:  expansion – containment.The old ways are no longer working for many people on the planet.  We are in a new transformational cycle.  And I suspect like most energies, which transform, the old ways and the old structures are breaking down.

What is breaking down and transforming in your life?


3 responses to “Spiritual Cycles of Change

  1. Susan Ebling says:

    Ok, I really resonate to the whole “things not working they way they used to” thingy – for me it has been the supportive and close knit family not working the way it used to and seeing through the people we love the most and judge the least and accepting their limits while respecting ourselves in that energy.

    The other thing you hit a resonating nerve with is “free will”. I used that question “What is Free Will and do we have it?”as a mediation “kone” for years until I got the statement “How can it be “free will” if you do not understand the consequences of your choices?” So right now that is where I am with that. Personally I think the whole concept of “free will” is an illusion since we are all one and come from Source – our choices are Source’s, period. How CAN it be anything else?

    As to England – here is an interesting twist/development there – You know how much I love England too and as an American I can relate to your feelings of being drawn to more than one place. I have not felt the pull of Glastonbury and Chalice Well for some time now but in the last month it has been calling me again and I feel it more from the flowers and the wild life this time more than the “Waters”. They are saying that the “Natural World” is opening up again to me in the new energy and that I must be there for as a witness to the rebirth of Springtime in the land. Whatever that means…lol..but I FEEL it regardless of how well I UNDERSTAND it.

    • ariannablack says:

      Great comments. Thanks for sharing, especially on the nature of “free will”.

      Love your insight about Glastonbury and Chalice Well. It looks as though you are being called back, perhaps to witness this shift of energy?

  2. Davidya says:

    (laughs) Oh yeah – when you transform your reality, the rules change. Some of the rules can take a little time to grok. And some of the standards of other rules go up.

    I don’t think it’s an illusion that we’re influenced by mass consciousness. It’s pretty hard to avoid what we’re immersed in. But we can avoid giving our energy to what we don’t want increasing.

    There is still a choice to listen or not listen to the still, small voice. And the still, small voice is actually none other than you, so the voice itself is making a choice. They say the free will of yesterday is todays determinism and todays choices are tomorrows determinism. In a deeper way, choice and determinism are 2 sides of one coin, 2 perspectives that depend on where you stand, not what is happening. Explaining that takes explaining a perspective of oneness.

    Will or intention is in layers, depending on what drivers you’re looking at. Individual will, the will of nature or the group, cosmic will, and divine will. Will is behind everything that occurs. the question is what level of will? Or Whos will? 😉

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