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How to shift your reality now

Even the Buddha had to find his own path

on April 18, 2012

What if a reality shift changes my reality but not in the way I think it will?

"A little statue of Buddha."

"A little statue of Buddha." (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

 What then?  I have always liked the idea of sudden and dramatic transformation.

In my 20s, I loved the possibility that I could achieve a swift change in consciousness from limited human thinking to expansive awareness, like Saul on the road to Damascus. He was hit by the light and transformed. I want that. Or should I say I have wanted that?  Past-tense.

Eventually, I realized that I had to walk my own path, whatever that looked like, whatever that felt like, it was, and is, my journey.

And that is why there is no one way, no right way, no right path. Each of us has our own inner teacher.   We can follow the guidance of a master, a guru, a Buddha. But at the end of the day, it’s up to us.

In a way, that’s the cosmic joke. We look to others for direction and guidance. How did they do it? How did it work for them? And we hope and assume that someone else’s recipe will also work for us.

But guess what?

You’re the only cook in your kitchen.     – Arianna Black

Becoming conscious is not a bog standard recipe. It’s not something that you can duplicate by looking at Miss Jones or Mr. Smith. So in all the books out there and all the how-to-formulas, all anyone can share is their own journey. Your shift is up to you.


6 responses to “Even the Buddha had to find his own path

  1. Davidya says:

    Reality will never shift how we think it will. That’s because a true shift in reality is the result of a shift in consciousness. That’s beyond mind and thus beyond our ability to grok it until it is the experience.

    Consciousness can shift suddenly. But that leads to periods of time adapting, such as Eckhart Tolle sitting on a park bench for 2 years. It can also shift slowly and imperceptibly. Then one day, we realize we’re a different person.

    Yeah, the path is yours to take. But really all you have to do is learn to trust the process and follow where it leads. Next step, next step.

    Thanks again Arianna, a name which means most holy or silver.

  2. Susan Ebling says:

    As Arianna & David put it, One needs to ultimately be one’s own guru. In my experience the very best reason for this is that YOUR truth may necessarily be different from someone else’s based on the personal journey you are on. There are universal truths of course but they are harder to get at than you might imagine because of so many group beliefs and cultural overlays.

    In the pursuit of some spiritual insights into a situation, I accidentally kicked on my Kundalini. By being my own guru and going deep within, looking for answers, that my very sharp brain had never failed me before, could not answer. I had been a vegetarian for 3 years at that point which I know helped push it along but I will not say you have to be one to get there. Having been a spiritual person my whole life I had no problem practicing prayer and meditation on things and generally when I prayed for what I needed I got it.

    I was FEELING my way back over every situation that might be relevant to this puzzling situation I was trying to understand and hopefully, be able to gain further insight that logic seemed incapable of unraveling.

    What I discovered is, that like the Tardis of Dr Who, your insides are much, much bigger than your outsides…lol…there is an infinite universe inside your soul if you go looking and all answers that are within your grasp are there.

    What was the actual trigger for the awakening of the Kundalini energy sleeping at the base of my spine? I took a leap of faith that the hurtful thing that someone had done actually had at it’s core, Love.

    I received, for my efforts, a HUGE spiritual shift forward in a matter of weeks & months that has taken me 20 years to process and assimilate.

    If you are looking for some truly amazing spiritual insights from your inner self I suggest you start with the meditation “kone”, “What does true compassion really look like?” I can guarantee that the answer will shock you and dramatically change your perception of reality.

  3. Marty says:

    IMO the path, as the Bible states, is straight and narrow. Not many take the most efficient route, however. They often diverge from the path for a side trip and then return to it again.

    For example many people enjoy guided meditations. They can be very uplifting. I even have my own called “Unlimited Love”. But guided meditations don’t and won’t replace of the quiet venture inward if you wan’t to hear God and not someone else’s imagination.

    Sometimes people can even end up walking in the opposite direction of the path for periods of time. Satanists and Wickans, for example, believe that every person has both a light and dark side and that we might as well acknowledge and indulge the dark side. (I’m sure Wickans could paraphrase their own belief more diplomatically) My belief is more in accord with the Native Indian outlook; that we all have a good dog and a bad dog within us, that they’re in constant contention with each other throughout our lives and that eventually, inevitably, one of them will win. Which one will win? The one that you feed.

    All paths, I believe, will inevitably lead back to the straight and narrow. Some routes are just more divergent, circuitous and time consuming than others.

  4. Susan Ebling says:

    I agree with Marty that there is an efficient. straight & narrow route. Many years ago when I had what is called a “White Light Experience” or “Near Death Experience” I learned something that really surprised me because it was not what I had been taught at all. When standing in the full power of the White Light that was God/Source/All That Is, I was shown that God is Pure Love on a scale we can not fully comprehend and that God does not actually judge us, only we judge and we do so from a very limited understanding which is why the admonition, “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” Because that is what you are tempted to do when standing in the light of so much love. You feel all of your imperfections and you don’t easily stop to think if God isn’t judging you then it isn’t necessary. Because God knows and understand absolutely ALL in a way that we mere mortals can only guess at.

    As to guided meditations, I think it is the same with tour groups…if you want to go someplace new its nice to go with a group and then go back again later on your own when you know your way around a little.

    I have had a great interests in learning about various religions from the time I was a child. I studied the Protestant, Catholic, Zen Buddhist, Satanic, Wiccan & Atheist traditions. Here is what I learned about each:

    Protestant – If business is good then you are right with the Lord
    Catholicism – You don’t need money but the Church does to build more churches
    Wiccan – No body fools with Mother Nature so know that your “gift” is going to show up every 28-30 days and don’t try to fool her with margarine
    Atheist – I don’t believe there is a higher power who is responsible for the problems in my life but me – Oh Hell!
    Buddhism – Don’t step on that ant it could be my aunt.

    Wiccans are not Devil Worshipers they are Nature Worshipers who’s Number One Law is, “And it harm NONE, do what thou will”. They are more like the Japanese Shinto who believe that everything in Nature has a spirit and should be respected. They don’t believe in the Devil as such. Only the the harm that ignorance creates.

    Satanist, the real traditional types are actually just hedonists operating from the principal that if it feels good how could it be wrong? The “Devil” in their tradition is merely a symbol of that basic primal impulse. They just use it for shock value to scare people the way punk rockers use their appearance and music. Read the books on Satanism by Anton LaVey who was considered the leader of the Satanic cult in his day back in the 60s-70s and you will be quite surprised.

    As for your idea of Devil Worshipers, after seeing all those movies about them in the 70’s I have no doubt that there are some people out there doing that thanks to TV.

    You didn’t mention Atheists but since you mentioned people on the scenic route I thought I would throw in my observations on that group too for good measure.

    I find Atheists, (those that I have met personally) are the most moral and some of the most compassionate of any tradition. They are doing what they believe to be the right thing and they are doing it without fear of punishment. I think it takes a great deal of courage to walk out the door everyday and carry on your life thinking there is nothing but oblivion to look forward to.

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