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Spiritual Anatomy

on April 21, 2012
This photograph is of a sunset on North Beach ...

This photograph is of a sunset on North Beach at Fort De Soto Park, which is located south of St. Petersburg, FL. North Beach is frequently named as one of America's best beaches. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Is there a difference between dreams and illusions? Most of us would say ‘yes’.

Illusions are a mirage, intangible and fleeting, whereas dreams suggest hopeful possibility, giving birth to a new day and a better life. A friend of mine pointed out that from kindergarten we are raised to believe in illusion: through a happy quirk of fate, we will be ‘discovered’, that our future husband or wife will magically appear, and he or she will be perfect, that the first book we write will be picked up by an international publishing house and most importantly of all, that we will be happy. And are these people happy when their dreams ‘come true’? Probably.

However, there is often significant work behind the scenes to create these seemingly effortless co-incidences.What if we try, and we try, and we try…and…isn’t that exhausting? So much trying…and we still don’t succeed? What then? Are we simply living a fantasy? Have we been fed a pack of lies being told that all we have to do is ‘believe’, and our hopes and dreams will be fully realized?

So this is a thorny subject that wants to be addressed today.

What does it mean to live your dreams and should we be trying so hard? Is all this trying worth it? What does it mean to create change on the planet? How well are we doing? And is it working?

In my opinion, human beings are not good at creating change because we want to keep the status quo. We don’t want change. We only reach it or find it, kicking and screaming. Besides, why do we think change will save the planet? Is this simply another illusion? People die for their beliefs, literally. They may die for their beliefs or because of their beliefs. And this raises the question for me about polarity. The New Age thinking: Oneness. Working together. Nice dream, don’t you think? But the majority of the people have to climb on board. Or it remains an illusion.

As my friend said today – it really was a great conversation – you should have been there: She is “not into starving with the dreams anymore and the creations that keep getting stolen”. She had worked in the corporate environment for many years and found that people in a position of power were always pinching her best people. She knew about the law of harmony, created a collaborative working environment that brought out the best in her staff, and soon they would be promoted to another division that was ‘failing’. Clearly, it wasn’t the problem with the other division. It was the mindset in that other division. So what is the answer?

Creating for others versus creating for yourself?

What does it take to have the awareness to live your best life, making full use of your talents, skills and abilities? What does it take to stay in a vibration of awareness, beingness, and joy? People feel that, don’t they? And they respond. Sometimes this is called self-confidence, others call it charisma.

Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I am reminded of the story about Marilyn Monroe. She was quoted as saying she knew the difference between Norma Jean and Marilyn. If she went out the door as Norma Jean, no one looked at her twice, but when she put on Marilyn, she could feel the entire world giving her their attention. Isn’t that interesting? Self-perception: the power of radiating our essence. In some way, the Marilyn persona gave this actress the confidence to radiate her essence because that is what attracted people – that vibration of beingness. (And all this time you thought it was sex appeal. Ha!)

I know for a fact that people, okay usually men, often mistake sexual expression for spiritual expression. When I was 28 or so, a charming, happily married 53-year-old lady confided in me at a spiritual healing seminar that men always hit on her. She couldn’t explain it as she was not overtly sexual or beautiful. But I knew right away. She had IT. She had the essence. She was flowing with the energy of the Universe by her very presence and men felt that magnetism and were drawn to her like a moth to a flame.So how do we tap into the real dream? How about starting with ourself and feeling the excitement of our own creation. Feel the joy and the wonder, play in this vibration. Rather like experiencing the excitement of your horse coming first across the finish line – this is a magical feeling.

If change is inevitable in our world, and it surely is, why not be brave enough to ask for it and accept it? Embrace the change. Radiate your essence.

Isn’t this a different way of being in the world and living the true dream of your own life?


4 responses to “Spiritual Anatomy

  1. elly34 says:

    You ask, “What does it mean to live your dreams and should we be trying so hard?” I say, Yes, definitely if it is a deep calling within us, even a whisper knowing it is of the light.” We are all here to weave the tapestry of life. And by doing so, it is easier to “radiate your essence” as you say.

    That’s what I’m in the process of actualizing and it feels the most full-fill-ing. ❤ : )

  2. Marty says:

    >>>I know for a fact that people, okay usually men, often mistake sexual expression for spiritual expression.

    Are you coming on to us?

  3. Davidya says:

    I’d say keep the dreams but be willing to change the underpinnings to align with what the universe wants. That can sometimes take a lot of experimentation and the form may turn out to be quite different than we expected.

    But if we can find a way to live our dreams, we’ll find we’re not only richly satisfied ourselves but the world is enriched in the process.

    Our gifts are for the world, not for us. Perhaps if we include the world in our dreams and listen to how it feels, we’ll find the form that works…

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