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Soul Contracts and Predestination

on April 24, 2012
Soul Book

Soul Book (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Determined to understand these perplexing questions around soul contracts and predestination, I found myself pouring through Kryon, Book 3 again.  Co-incidentally, one of my readers directed me to a recent link on the Kryon website, which – yep, you’ve got it – just happened to discuss soul contracts.  To my credit, I am not the only person on the planet mulling over these issues of how soul contracts affect us, and for that, I am extremely grateful.  For example, I couldn’t quite understand this:  if my spiritual path is growing in awareness (or consciousness), which then raises my vibration, how can I say YES to a soul contract that is hidden from me?  And by “me”, I refer to my conscious awareness.  Surely, you see the dilemma.

Now I’m not saying I don’t trust my soul to get it right.  Not at all.  But you see the issue here.

Do I have soul contracts?   If so, what purpose do they serve? Is there more than one?

What if there is no predestination?    No “meant to be”.  Only choice?

I must admit I bought into the popular wisdom in New Age circles that “things happened for a reason”.  I believed this meant our future was predestined.  But Kryon, who is a prolific and highly regarded channel says:  There is no such thing as predestination, but there is forward planning from the soul.  (Okay, forward planning is my phrase but I have to add something here.)

Lee Carroll, who channels Kryon, explains this concept of forward planning:   As a boy, Lee really wanted to be a navy officer.  It felt natural to him.  Yet he had allergies, which meant he wouldn’t be accepted into the navy, and on top of this he suffered from sea sickness.   A sailor who couldn’t stomach the sea.  Didn’t quite add up.  Yet, being in the navy was all he wanted to do.

He explains this story as the difference between past life residue and a mission as yet unfulfilled.  His mission was channeling Kryon.  And he came to that mission later in life.  Did he know as a boy he would become a well-known author for recording writing from an invisible being?  No, he did not.  He wanted to be a sailor.  You can’t get more practical than that, can you?

The interesting aspect for me is that Lee believes his own soul set up this scenario for him.  He came into this lifetime with physical conditions that prevented him from fulfilling his heart’s desire.  The desire to be a sailor was based on a memory or residue from the past, not the purpose in his current life.  Tricky right?  No wonder this business of soul contracts takes awhile to figure out.

My path was blocked when I wanted to work in the advertising industry.  It was at a time in my life when I was a real go-getter.   I knew how to use my will and I met someone who introduced me to one of the top ad agencies in Canada – Y & R.   I had an interview with the President and the doors were still closed. Not one to give up, I later met a vice-president of another large ad agency.   Life still said NO.  I couldn’t understand this.  When I later discovered that psychics gave you helpful information you couldn’t get elsewhere, I asked this question.  Why can’t I get a job in advertising?  Oh, they gave me an answer alright.  They said:

It is not your path.

advertising agency

advertising agency (Photo credit: KatherineKenny)

You would be using your creative talents for mass consumerism, or words to that effect, and my soul, said:  NO WAY.   So I didn’t try that locked door again! The doors of opportunity may be blocked due to timing.  And sometimes, in my case, they are blocked because they are doors that are just not open for us.

I have struggled with this concept.  In a free-will universe, shouldn’t all the doors be opened to us?  Isn’t this what the New Age promises us?  Whatever we like, whatever we want, when we raise our vibration to that perfect point of clarity, SHAZAM, like magic, all that we desire, all that we require, will now be available to us?   Or not.

If not, why not?  Could this go back to the subject of soul contracts.  Yes, I believe it does.  If our purpose on Planet Earth is to grow in a certain way, let’s just use the metaphor of a chrysanthemum.  If this is our coding, our purpose is to be a chrysanthemum.


Our contract says:  this is why I’m here.

Now this is a great thought, don’t you agree?  A healing modality called Access Consciousness asks the question:  what if we are in it for the fun?  What then?

So from this perspective, the “sweet spot of our contract”, another term used by Kryon, suggests that when we give ourselves permission to really be ourselves, we are then authentically living our contract.

Now I am beginning to get it.

What if my contract is all about writing, and by writing helping raise consciousness, which really means people connecting to their own Divine Essence?  Does that feel good to me?  Yes, it does.  Does it give me joy?  You bet.

But look at how I tried to jump off-track by attempting to work in advertising.  From my perspective at the time, I was using my gift of writing.  What could be wrong with that?  What was wrong with Lee Carroll’s desire to be a sailor?  Nothing, nothing wrong with it all, except that his soul had something else planned for him.

Welcome to Planet Earth.


5 responses to “Soul Contracts and Predestination

  1. Brenda says:

    Sounds a little like finger prints … finding the souls contract or what some call purpose,they say it leads to more ease in life.
    Is that what some call passion or what you love?

    • ariannablack says:

      I used to think it is about connecting with what you love but in Lee Carroll’s case, he loved the sea and his soul wouldn’t allow him to become a sailor. I like the idea of fingerprints…following the trail… because you are your fingerprints even though we don’t see ourselves in that way. Similar to so many posts in my blog, it keeps going back to how we perceive, how we see.

      • tc says:

        Kryon often uses the word “predisposition” to describe the personality attributes that we come into a life with. Temperament, likes/dislikes, and skill sets acquired from previous lives come to mind…. My impression is that the soul selects certain attributes, (while deliberately suppressing others) and there is a meld with memories that are stored in the DNA of the body we have chosen. Prior to incarnation, a blueprint or a map of potentialities is created with the collaborative efforts of other soul entities who may have an impact on our lives. Free will exists, but are often influenced by our predispositions and those potentialities aforementioned. Kryon mentioned that we come in with multiple contracts, which can change depending upon our state of consciousness going forward. We can choose to engage those contracts, avoid them or create new ones within a lifetime… Anyway, that is my take on contracts as I understand it…

  2. Davidya says:

    Unlike your palms, your fingerprints are fixed in the womb for life so are said to indicate purpose and main karmic lesson (contract). I went to a demo of this last year and the guy nailed me right off. (laughs)

    I get your concern. It’s kind of like we register for school, choosing the programs best for this level. Then when we start school, we forget why we chose math and wonder why the world is doing this to us. (laughs)

    I’ve found that our karma brings with it a blind spot. It’s as if we’ll learn the lessons better if we don’t know the agenda. Another way to look at it is so that we can see it anew from wherever we are.

    Another reason these ‘contracts’ are hard to fathom is that they’re not personal in the way we may try to think of them. They are the agreements of the soul but in a much larger context than an individual me. It’s all in relation to the whole.

    Keep in mind that one of the big lessons is trust and surrender. Some of the need to understand can come from a desire for control. Breaking that sometimes means facing apparently impossible difficulties. Only when we release trying to control do the pieces fall into place. Similarly, if we’re not willing to see, the intuition can’t tell us.

    All of this is much easier to see in retrospect. partly because it’s now in context but partly because the blinders for that are now off. We’ve worked through the lesson.

    Another observation some teach is to see life as in cycles. There are forward steps of progress (dharma) and there is the stepping back of purification (karma). Just like our waking and sleep cycles each day. Another analogy would be like a budget. We need to pay off our debts, save some, and then spend on what we like. In practice we tend to get focused on what we want, forgetting to save and resisting paying debts. 😉

  3. Carol Andrew says:

    We and our soul are one together we planned this life before we came but when we got here we forgot what we had planned. If I take responsibility for that fact that I helped plan my soul
    contract this life I will have a better opportunity to discover just what I did plan for this life in my soul contract.

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