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Letting Go

on April 26, 2012
Let go!

Let go! (Photo credit: jah~)

What does it mean to “let go”?

I have been sitting in this question the last few days as I let go of soul contracts that no longer work for me.   Even though I don’t know exactly what this looks like, I trusted my guides to work with me, and through me, on this matter.

In the process of writing the blog posting about soul contracts and predestination, I received an amazing release of energy at the back of head, as though I was given an invisible cranial.  In that moment, I felt my inner wiring  shift, and a new path open up.  It was extraordinary. 

Is this what they call clearing the brain chemistry?   Is there such a thing?  I was on a high for a day or so and then fell back to earth with a thud.  I was suddenly reminded that I am in a space of letting go and I felt sad.  I’m not good at letting go.  I like hanging on.  I like analyzing and keeping hold of the old, just in case I might need it again.   So letting go does not come easily to me, it does not feel natural.

I admire those people who are truly resilient at letting go. You’ve probably met the type.    They can just live in the moment,  here today, gone tomorrow.  But in that moment of connection: they live life to the full.  They are like super-charged, high-octane Duracell-bunnies who don’t know the meaning of the word:  cling.

Letting Go

Letting Go (Photo credit: Liamfm . (Stop the Genocide In Syria))

The Free Online Dictionary describes cling as a verb:intr.v. clung (klng), cling·ing, clings

1. To hold fast or adhere to something, as by grasping, sticking, embracing, or entwining: clung to the rope to keep from falling; fabrics that cling to the body.

2. To remain close; resist separation: We clung together in the storm.

3. To remain emotionally attached; hold on: clinging to outdated customs.   n. Botany

Courtesy of:

These other people, co-existing in my Universe, just  let go and move on.  Admirable, really.  What a concept. Why can’t I be more like them?

So now, I am letting go of the old me, the old paradigm, the old way of being in the world.    I am walking out in trust into the new, even though I don’t know what that looks like.

And yes, I asked for a Reality Shift and we never know what the new will look like, but for me, the letting go is both practical and emotional.  This letting go opens the door into the new.

Letting go or selling my little apartment is part of this shift.  Yesterday, I spoke to a real estate agent, who said that they were giving me a reality shift about the real estate market.   I loved their choice of words:  I couldn’t believe they actually said:  reality shift, but truly they did, because that, of course, allowed me to tell them about my blog.  (Which they liked, naturally.)

A friend of mine said to me today:  “Well, you have stayed in your current building too long.  You have outgrown it. It’s just not a fit anymore”.

And she’s right.  I understand this is part of  letting go.  And maybe last year or the year before, I should have left:  the signs were there, but emotionally, I was too attached.  I was clinging.

Picture this:  a piece of gum stuck to a chair, which has become crystallized.  NOTHING WOULD REMOVE  THAT GUM.

letting go... 237365

letting go... 237365 (Photo credit: paloetic)

That was me last year.  Neither hell nor high water – don’t you love that saying – was getting me to shift.   

Didn’t matter that I was unhappy, this was my little nest and I didn’t, couldn’t, wouldn’t leave my nest.   And no one is going to make me leave my nest, so there!  (Get the picture?)  I am ever so slowly beginning to grasp the cosmic humour.)

Now that I understand soul fragmentation, which I described near the beginning of my blog posting, I can let myself off the hook of self-recrimination.   Life has served me well.  Being stuck has served me well; and being unwilling to budge has helped me shift to this place of letting go.Yes, I am ready to let go.  Before I wasn’t.   Hallelujah. 

In one of my many therapy courses, I was told there are only 3 truly authentic feelings:  glad, mad, and sad.  Everything else is a neurosis of some sort.

Whether or not you accept that as true depends on whether that is true for you.

I have cycled through these feelings of glad, knowing that I am moving into the new; (yeah); feeling mad, what took so long and why did it have to be this way, and good grief, it seems to take SUCH A LONG TIME TO SHIFT OLD PATTERNS; and sad, the letting go.   It’s my familiar old muck so why can’t I keep it.  You know what I mean.

So now, all I can say to myself is:    Way to go girl, you’re on track.

Or as Higgins said in the 1964 movie:  My Fair Lady:  “I think she’s got it.  I think she’s got it!”


8 responses to “Letting Go

  1. Marty says:

    Congratulations! From my point of view “Letting go” is the old Edgar Cayce (ongoing) formula of “Not my will, but Yours, O Lord.” With this outlook, and helping others, whether what’s coming are challenges/stepping-stones, or joys, it will all work out for the best for you in time because you’ll be in allignment with God. JMHO

  2. Marty says:

    The Edgar Cayce Thought of the Day (as delvered by email): Let no day then pass that ye do not speak a cheery and an encouraging word to someone! And ye will find thine own heart uplifted, thine own life opened, thy love appreciated, thy purposes understood. Reading 1754-1

    I think you’re wonderful!

  3. Carol Andrew says:

    Keep going!

  4. Davidya says:

    Our resistance is held energetically so when a release happens, we feel the immediate shift. Brain chemistry etc follow.

    What you might find useful is framing it a little differently. The “I” that is holding on and fears change is the fear-based I. It is considered the false I, the one built of our disconnection from source and concepts of separation. But it is not who you really are. You are the one who is noticing, who is experiencing this “I” having fears.

    If you can notice that difference, it can help with the letting go immensely. Because then it is not “I” fearing, it is this aspect of myself that fears and can be reassured. It is observed by a detached “witness”. For anyone reading, that may or may not makes sense, depending on your experience and if you’ve had an established meditation practice. (the good ones connect you with the observer self)

    You may find if you look that most people tend to be attached in one way or another. Some people may be able to move home or job easily for example but have their attachments in relationship. If they now avoid them, the attachment may not be apparent. But some have discovered, consciously or not, the magic of just being in the present moment, being in the observer, and thus simply enjoying life and going with the flow.

    Put another way, we resist what we fear. So if you can find reassurance to the feelings (not just the mind, that its a conceptually good idea to move for example), then the steps of life can be smoother.

    Funnily enough, as you observed at the beginning of the article, letting go is actually very fast. Energetic shifts and awakenings are basically instant. What takes the time is getting to a point of willingness to let go. So the art is in finding ways of helping the mind and emotions to be willing.

    You go Girl!

    • ariannablack says:

      Excellent insight, thank you. I agree when you write: “What takes the time is getting to a point of willingness to let go. So the art is in finding ways of helping the mind and emotions to be willing.” Looks like I will be addressing these issues in my next blog posting!

  5. elly34 says:

    New neural pathways (being created) is what came to mind when you spoke re. the clearing in brain chemistry.

    Really though, isn’t it a happy occasion when we release old patterns that don’t serve us, keep us stuck. I’m happy when they go!

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