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on April 29, 2012
The Earth is nothing but a tiny dot of the uni...

The Earth is nothing but a tiny dot of the universe. In this we find the greatest stars ever and how big are they, beyond our imagination. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As mentioned in my posting yesterday, I wish to include this information from Kyron as a sort of  guest blog prior to my final day on April 30. The Q & As on free-choice, habits and personal empowerment have really helped me shift my reality. 

Question: Dear Kryon, how much in life is just plain and simply habit? Habit meaning doing things away from awareness or away from the knowledge of the “free-will project? Any good tips for quick transformation? Thanks

Answer: What a grand question! The answer is this: Unless you actively seek to know more about this, your life will follow this “habit” until the end.

It goes like this: You are born with an imprint that many call contract. It’s so strong that even Lightworkers feel that it’s something that is honored so strongly that they should follow it completely. They are on their knees asking for help to fulfill it, never realizing that the entire work of a Lightworker is to alter it!

This is therefore only a beginning contract, if you will. It’s what you select to arrive. You selected your parents, your race, your country, and even your biological attributes and predispositions. Your past karma is all part if it, and what you call your “past life experience” is also there. It’s complex, but you often feel it at the cellular level. It’s what makes Humans drive toward a passion to be artists, musicians, mothers and fathers, or even criminals. It’s a powerful force.

And… it’s only a habit.

If you do nothing, it will fulfill itself to the degree you pursue it. You have free choice to move around it in any way you wish, but many don’t understand that you have always had free choice to also cancel it!

There are many walking around today who have changed their names. Why? When they cancelled this beginning energy… a groove that did not suit them (the habit), they felt as though they had a new life! Many have had profound changes of passion due to this. They studied all their lives to be one thing, and now they are another. They have given themselves permission to take control of the interdimensional “rudder” of their own ship!

Change your DNA. Rewrite the past. Eliminate the biological predispositions of your Human family. All of this is not only possible, but is what we are teaching you to do.

an eye which see all beyond human imagination

an eye which see all beyond human imagination (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

(30) QUESTION: Dear Kryon, I don’t understand something: If we were our complete spirit beings when we purposely wrote our contracts for Human life, then as Humans, why should we be trying to cancel those contracts to create a new path? Shouldn’t we honor what we as all-knowing spirits agreed to and wanted to participate in?

ANSWER: As discussed many times before, your contracts are beginning plans only, changeable as you grow. They don’t represent a “set-in-cement” plan for your life. If they did, where’s your free choice to change? How could you respond to spiritual growth if you had no choice to change?

Contracts are a beginning posturing of your goals that often represent older karmic payoffs or incomplete energy solutions [working out past-life attributes]. As we’ve told you before, this is exactly what you have the power to change with your mastery this time around.

So what “knowing spirits agreed and wanted to participate in” is your coming out of your predisposed contract and rewriting it! The goal of the Human Being on Earth is to void the karmic past, which represents the old energy of Earth, and to activate of interdimensional DNA to begin the process of mastery. This is celebrated by all the Universe and refreshes the contract of life itself. The masters on Earth did this, and so can you.



5 responses to “Guest Blog

  1. Carol says:

    Wow! Thanks for the reminder. Now I understand what I did those many years ago when I changed my life to something more meaningful to me. And I see I could change my life again if I choose.

  2. Davidya says:

    Interesting perspective. I like how he put some of this. My only caution would be to learn to differentiate the momentum of karma from the divine moving through our lives. We can change the course of that momentum and it’s a great way to work through stuff in the process. But if we try to fight the larger, deeper movement through our lives we’ll fail to find why we’re here.

  3. tr99 says:

    When all is said and it seems almost obvious to me. We begin with, you live then die, then you live you learn you die, then you live you learn you change you die, then finally you live as long as you choose, achieve what you choose for the purpose you choose then you move on. The journey is long and clearly irresistible.

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