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How to shift your reality now

Reality Shift – done!

on April 30, 2012
Reality A Three Dimensional World ?

Reality A Three Dimensional World ? (Photo credit: bterrycompton)

It is official:  April 30th is here.  I have completed my 30-day blog challenge to shift my reality.This must be the child-like part of me but I often felt that April would never end.  I have played with time these past few weeks as some days stretched out flat and sticky like cooling toffee, and other days popped by in a moment before I barely had time to write-up my blog.And what is the result you ask?  Have I shifted my reality?  What is new and different?In a word:  everything.

On April 2nd, I wrote that shifting reality is easier than you think because it’s not about the thinking.

And now at the end of the month, I know this is true.

As a slight aside here, I was speaking to a friend tonight about the knowing…Knowing that you know.  And when you know, it doesn’t matter what anyone else says, you’re not subject to their opinion or their point of view because you are lined up with you.

That’s knowing.

I have moved more fully into my knowing.  That’s part of the shift for me.

At the beginning of the blog, I played with the idea of presenting 7 Steps to Shift Your Reality and astute readers will know that I gave Step 1 (Power of Commitment) and Step 2, (Saying Yes and Saying No), followed by a later blog on 4 steps to manifestation: Intention, Focus, Trust, Allowing.

One step at a time.

One step at a time. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But here’s a question:   Can we really produce a formula on demand?  Not so much.  Why?  Because each person is different.  The truth of this has really hit home during this blog.  One shoe does not fit all.  Even if you have the right size and it looks as though it should fit, there will still be variations away from the standard size.Our evolutionary path of consciousness is like that.   It is unique, not standard.    Even when we share common experiences, it is still our (individual) path to walk.

This blog has taught me that shifting your reality is a little like taking one step at a time and that single step leads me to the next step. Sometimes it’s not linear.  And that has taken a leap of faith.  How do you take a step forward when you are not walking a linear path.  Ha!   Welcome to the field of consciousness.

Some posts were more profound.  I have my personal favourites:  If Wishes were Horses, Beggars could Ride, and Do you Believe in Magic?  Those are my top picks.

The three best posts, according to the stats, were:

  • What Else is Possible?
  • Lost in the Sahara
  • Four Golden Keys to Manifestation

I wondered what made a post so popular?   Was the subject of greater interest?  Did it just happen that way?  One reader told me that she literally felt the energy in some of the posts that spoke to her.  Call it an intuitive feeling, if you like, but I wondered if this is what connects readers with the written word.  Is this process a lot more intuitive than we had imagined?     On the other hand, it is also possible that these blogs were featured on WordPress.  Now isn’t that nice?

I do, at this moment, have a small clarification on the following entry which I wrote at the beginning of my blog regarding my book project:

“RealityShift: How to Jumpstart your Life and create the Life You’ve Always Wanted”, which describes in a creative, non-fiction format, my journey to this magical point of no return.

Now that I have finished my 30-day blog challenge, I see that I have described much of this material, so this particular book would be superfluous.

What else is possible?   I will let you know.

Meanwhile, thank you for sharing this journey with me.

So for now, I won’t go into any personal details about what is next for Arianna Black. Shall I continue to post blogs over the next few months?  That remains to be seen.



5 responses to “Reality Shift – done!

  1. Davidya says:

    Thanks again for sharing your journey.
    On the question of evolutionary path – yes everyone’s is different because each of us is here for a unique experience of the whole. This is also why one teacher may speak to us and another not. One principle or technique will help, another less so. But there are commonalities in the underlying process so we can share our journey and share pointers as you’ve been doing.

    Why certain posts? I’ve found it relates a lot to subject searches. People researching, say manifesting, will get shown your post. They’re more popular with certain key words or phrases. Or if a subject has not been covered as much elsewhere. There’s also other things, like links from other blogs, people telling others, and showing up on WP home page, etc. If someone recommends a post on a social networking site, you’ll get a brief flood.


  2. Carol says:

    Thanks for all the great blogs they really helped me on my journey.

  3. Thanks for sharing your journey and tips for reality shifting! : )

  4. Thank you Arianna it was a pleasure to read your blogs and an honour to have met you!
    Lots of love
    Dr Love

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